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Kaushambi is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India, and Manjhanpur town is the district headquarters. It was visited by Buddha after his explanation. He delivered several sermons here, elevating it to a center of learning for Buddhists and making it a sacred pilgrim site for followers of Buddhism. Today one can see the ruins of an Ashokan Pillar, an old fort and the Ghositaram Monastery. The archaeological excavations here have yielded a large number of sculptures and figurines, coins, punch-marked and cast coins and terra-cotta sculptures which show the reverence the city was held in by the devout, in times gone by. All these religious finds of historical and archaeological importance can be viewed at the Allahabad Museum. The best season or months to visit places in Kaushambi are February, March, October, November, and December. There are about 7 tourist places in Kaushambi, which can be visited, explored and touristed by tourists. The local town of Kaushambi is easily explorable in one single day but for covering all major 7 tourism spots to explore, at least a 3 day stay and halt in Kaushambi district is must. To begin the list, first comes the Digambar Jain Temple which was built in 1834 in the memory of the 6th Tirthankur, Lord Padma Prabhu is one of the major pilgrimage places for Jains. The main attraction of this temple is the different idols of Lord Padma Prabhu along with his footprints. The 'Nirvana' festival takes place in the months of February and March in this temple which attracts a large number of Jain devotees and other visitors to this famous Jain Temple. Next one, the Sri Ram Temple in Bajha, located at a distance of around 30 km from Allahabad, is one of the popular temples of the destination. This temple is believed is to be constructed around 20 years ago. Dedicated to Lord Shri Ram, this temple is located in Chayal tehsil area. It is a lovely calm place having realistic statues of gods and goddess, very clean and nicely maintained, very beautiful garden inside, it is just a 30 minutes drive from Allahabad on Kanpur road. Kamasin Devi Temple, located in the village of Gambheera Purab, is one of the most frequented destinations. Situated at a distance of around 10 km in the west of Manjhanpur, this temple is visited by large number of devotees all the year round. As per the legend, it is believed that in this temple prayers of devotees are always heard and answered. Durga Devi Temple is located at a distance of around 1 km from south-west of Manjhapur town area. One of the most visited temples of the destination, it is believed to be constructed around 4th century BC. Inside this temple, black stone idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga have been established. Sheetla Devi temple a holy temple situated along the banks of River Ganges. Regarded as one of the major shaktipeeth among all 51 shakipeeths, dedicated to Goddess Parvati or better known as Durga, the temple is visited by large number of devotees every year and every season of Navratri which happens 2 times in a single calendar year. Also, it is believed that this temple is in existence from 1000 AD. Inside it, lies the idol of Goddess Sheetla Devi which is established in the form of sitting on gardhabha. Moreover the place where the temple is located, Kara town has been an important township during the medieval period for the kings of the northern India. Tourists visiting Kara can also see the reminiscent of the fort of King Jaichand, who was the last Hindu king of Kannauj after which Kannauj and whole of UP Bihar fell into evil hands of Moughal Islamic Rule. Old Kaushambi contains mainly the houses, the other excavations existing in the older parts of Kaushambi dates back to around 800 years. The excavations yielded from the site comprised of old coins, idols and sculptures, which are preserved at the Allahabad Museum, located in Allahabad. Apart from the excavations, there are several other places located within the Old Kaushambi that tourists can visit such as the Ashoka pillar, which laid a part of the residential area of the city and the Ghositarama. This same pillar’s emblem, design and structure became the national Emblem of India in 1947 after India got its Independence. In addition, tourists can also visit the tower situated at the north-eastern corner of Kaushambi and the Stone Fortress Palace which is very old, yet beautiful and mind scintillating. The site Ghoshit Ram Vihar which is one of the major attractions of the destination, finds special mention in Buddha’s literature. This place was constructed by a businessman of Kaushambi, whose named was Ghashit. He constructed this place for the stay of Lord Buddha and his followers as he himself was one of the biggest Buddha's follower and worshiper. Also it is believed that Lord Budhha often stayed at this place so this makes the place sacred and worth pilgrimage for Buddhism followers. Moreover, it is believed that the Lord Buddha also gave some important sermons to his followers this place. 'Bhagnashes' which were found in excavations at this placed are showcased in ‘Allahabad Museum’ for viewers, excavation enthusiasts, and historical art lovers. We have custom made tour packages and itineraries to help our customers with best possible tour packages which will cover the entire Buddhism tourism belt along UP, Bihar. Kindly fill up the form given below and send it to us to help us make your Buddhist tourism, Sarnath Tourism, Bodh Gaya tourism, Buddhism tour a success and a spiritually peaceful journey.

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