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Deer Park

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Sarnath is a most popular Buddhist pilgrimage destination just 10 kms, north-east of Varanasi city. It the actual place where Gautama Buddha gave his first sermon to world, after attaining enlightenment. In those days their was a huge deer park in this region which was referred as Mrigdava in ancient records. There are a number of different claims among the modern day and vintage historians and sculpturists and excavators about where the name of Sarnath for this deer park was derived, with one of them explaining that one of Buddha's titles is 'Saranganath', which means 'Lord of the Deer'.

Deer Park
Sarnath has been in wilderness and natural habitat of Deer since Buddha's time. If we go by Buddhist relics, historical records, we will find that their was huge deer park in Sarnath in days when Lord Buddha reached this place and met his first five disciples to whom he delivered his first sermon, after attaining enlightenment. This place is a milestone in journey of Siddhartha to become known to the world as Gautama Buddha. Now a days, we may not find such a vast deer park but still one small deer park can be seen in Sarnath. It is just adjoining to Sarnath Archaeological Park so one can easily visit this park to feel its past, to some extent.

The Deer Park, also known in other words of local dialect as Isipatana Sarnath is the most famous, significant and well known Gardens in Sarnath. Gautam Budhha or Siddhartha, having adopted the life of a religious scholar, teacher and preacher from the age of 35 until his death in 486 B.C. at the age of around 80 years, Buddha taught the 'noble truth' that the craving for pleasure and the avoidance of pain leads to existence and suffering. The Sarnath town was his epicenter of knowledge imparting, meditation and religious spreading of his own unique path to the enlightenment towards the almighty which we today now by the name of Buddhism. The word Sarnath was taken from the word Sarang which means Deer in Devanagiri which was the mother dialect then spoken and used to write and read. The most important Garden in Sarnath, the Deer Park or Isipatana Sarnath is the site where the Buddha preached his first sermon. Buddhsim was mainly preached in parks and rural areas and had a particular appeal for the people belonging to lower castes. Hence, Deer Park in Sarnath Uttar Pradesh bears special religious significance. One of the must visit gardens in Uttar Pradesh - the Deer Park or Isipatana Sarnath has lotus pools and a sacred Bo Tree. This tree was grown from a sapling of the original Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. Towards the south of the Deer park lie the Mulagandha Vihar, the Dhamek Stupa and the Ashoka Pillar. As the story goes, Buddha as an enlightened being took the form of a deer and offered his life to a king to take the place of the doe that the king was planning to kill. The king in turn was so moved and touched that he created the park now known as Sarnath as a sanctuary for deers. Later on the king spent his whole life following the principles narrated to him by Lord Budhha and ruled his kingdom justly. The park and the town that has grown up around, is situated about 8 miles (13Km) north of the city of Varanasi in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is reached by road from Varanasi by crossing the Varuna River and traveling along the aptly named Gautam Buddha Rajpath road which is a state highway. Dotted with the remains of buildings among close-cropped grassed areas, the remains of the ancient stupas and excavated sites dominate everything in the deer park. There is a Dhameka stupa which was built about 1,500 years ago to replace the earlier stupa built by Ashoka almost 750 years before that. Ashoka, the legendary pre Christ era Hindu king of India who was the emperor during the Mauryan dynasty who ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent from 269 BC to 232 BC is said to be the first ever king who understood and spread the messages like that of peace, tranquility, eternal glory and non violence of purest form lord Gautam Buddha all around the sub-continent. It was he who spread Buddhism all over the country and it was he who built the original stupa at Sarnath. Today it is visited by Buddhists from all over the world. They come to listen to stories about the Buddha’s life, to sermons from this holy site which marks the place where the stream of his teaching first circulated, and just to be in contact with the place where the Buddha taught. There is a small fenced off area at one side of the park where mostly Deers can be seen eating long red Delhi carrots that a good number of people were feed it to them. The population of deers here in not much but still sufficient enough as this is one of those very few deer preserved wildlife areas where deers are not hunted by natural carnivorous predators for the reason being there are none out here. People, who visit here, love to feed young and big deers with vegetables, carrots, fruits etc and share the moment of happiness, natural peace, calmness away from the daily hounding work scheduled metro city lives as part of their tour to Varanasi and we promise you that if you choose to visit and stay in Varanasi using our tour packages, we will make your Varanasi tourism excursion best ever possible as it may get. Kindly fill up the booking request form given below and send it to us.

How to reach
Deer park in Sarnath is located in North of Sarnath Archaeological park. It is about 11kms from Varanasi city in north-east direction. While visiting Sarnath, tourists can visit this park. We offer regular taxi service from Varanasi to visit deer park in Sarnath. Those who would like to visit by flight option, have to reach Varanasi airport and further journey by tourist taxi cab.
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