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How to reach Varanasi

Varanasi Travel Guide

Varanasi is one among seven holiest cities of Hinduism. It is important Hindu pilgrimage center in north India where you can practically view the religious faiths, customs, rituals of Hindu religion applied in lifespan of a Hindu person. It is also known by its ancient name of Kashi. It the culture, tradition, religious faiths that attracts thousands of devotees & tourists from all over the world to visits Varanasi, every year. Hence it is important to have better connectivity from the rest of world. Varanasi is linked by all popular modes of transports i.e. flight, train and by road. Presence of Varanasi airport, railway stations and better road network ensure better options for reaching Varanasi city. Here we have tried to arrange information to answer common question "How to reach Varanasi?".

By Flight
Varanasi city have its own airport to ensure air connectivity of city. The nearest Airport to the city is 24kms from city in Babatpur. Its is known by the name of Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport. Distance from Sarnath to Varanasi airport is 30kms. It is well connected from other important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gaya, Lucknow, Kathmandu, Sharjah, Khajuraho etc. For further journey we operate Varanasi Airport (IATA Code: VNS) Taxi service by which you can do city tour, Sarnath tour and even proceed for other travel destinations like Khajuraho, Bodhgaya, Lucknow, Chitrakoot, Bandhavgarh etc. Flights are the most preferred way for foreigner tourists to reach Varanasi. Thus we can say airport has played very important way in Varanasi tourism development.

By Train
Trains are backbone of transport services in India. Varanasi is well connected by train from rest of India. Their are two railway stations in Varanasi city which are actively used for reaching Varanasi. First one in Varanasi City (Railway code:BCY) and second one in Varanasi Junction (Railway code:BSB) which is also popular by name of Varanasi Cantt station. In between them, Varanasi junction is more important, well established and facilitated. If you don't find train coming to either of these stations, then we have one more option at 20kms from city i.e. Mughal Sarai Junction (Railway code:MGS). Varanasi can be easily reached from almost all important cities and tourist destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Gaya, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Ayodhya, Haridwar, Dehradoon, Jammu Tawi, Chennai, Trichy, Thanjavur, Rameshwaram etc. If you don't find train to Varanasi Junction station then like Bangalore to Varanasi, then check with Mughal Sarai railway station and most probably you will find the desired train. Below we have arranged some train details connecting to some important railway station and frequently used by devotees and tourists. This information is a rough idea as train timings and routes are subject to change in future so reconfirm details from Indian railway websites.
Trains Information
Connected Places (Station-Code)
Train Names (Train-Number)
New Delhi (NDLS)
Kashi V Express (14258)
Shramjevi N Express(12392)
Lichchavi Express(14006)
Shiv Ganga Express(12560)
Swatantrta Express(12562)
Jaipur (JP) & Agra (AF)
Marudhar Express (14854)
Marudhar Express (14864)
Marudhar Express (14866)
Mumbai (CSTM)
Mahanagari Exp (11093)
DR BSB SUP EX (12167)
Gorakhpur Exp (15017)
Kamayani Exp (11071)
Pune (JN-PUNE)
Maharashtra Exp (11039)
Dikshabhoomi Exp (11045)
Chennai (MAS)
Gangakaveri Exp (12669)
Hyderabad Deccan (HYB)
SC PNBE Express (12791)
Ahmedabad (ADI)
Sabarmati Express (19167)
Ajmer (AII)
RNC Garib Nawaz (18632)
Amritsar (ASR)
ASR Sealdah Express (12318)
Jalianwala B Express (18104)
Haridwar (JN-HW)
DDN BSB Express (14266)
Doon Express (13010)
HW HWH Super Fast Express (12370)
Indore (JN-BG)(to Mughal Sarai)
Shipra Express (19305)
Khajuraho (KURJ)
Above train details is just for an idea and with the passage of time, some new trains may be introduced, routes may be changed, train numbers/timing could be changed etc. so we recommend you to reconfirm the train schedule from official site of Indian Railways or visit link:

By Road
Varanasi is located in south of Uttar Pradesh state in North India. Being a important pilgrimage & cultural city, it has good road connectivity. It is easy to reach Varanasi by road. Geographically it is in the plains of Ganges, posses a great and smooth transport within the city and outside the city, the city of lights well connected on NH-2 from Calcutta to Delhi, NH-7 to Kanyakumari and NH-29 to Gorakhpur. There is also a wide range of city owned transport that frequently runs buses for nearby holy cities of Uttar Pradesh and within Varanasi. Inside city, local mode of transportation is public carrier buses, taxi and tri-cycle rickshaw. If you are plaining to reach Ghats of Ganges from you hotel in city area, then rickshaw will be good choice as due to narrow passages in last, rickshaw will take you to the closest point. For visiting various temples, shopping, Sarnath, taxi will be the right choice. If you are planning to reach Varanasi by road then below given Varanasi distance chart will help you in planning.
Distance Chart
Varanasi to:
Approx. Distance in Kms.
Mughal Sarai
18 Kms
Bodh Gaya

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