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Why to visit Varanasi

Varanasi Travel Guide

Varanasi is also known by other names as Benaras and Kashi. It is a one among oldest cities in world where you can find the deep roots of Hindu religion which is oldest religion and civilization in this earth. With the passage of time its name changes but earlier name are still prevalent. Currently Varanasi name is more prevalent. It is the eternal city situated on the bank of holy river Ganges which is also the National river of India. Varanasi is a religious capital of India. Thousands of tourists visit this holy ancient city. Their could be different reasons and purpose to visit Varanasi but some of the better reasons to visit this holy city are as follows:

  • If you wish to visit oldest living city of the world.
  • If you are on cultural tour of India and wish to visit one most prominent holy city of India which is sacred for Hindu religion followers who are about 75% of Indian population.
  • If you often think of human life-cycle from birth to death, wish to witness Hindu rituals on death of a people and captivated with the Hindu mythological believes. All questions related with Hindu religion and its believes could be answered here.
  • If you are impressed with prodigious display of divine images.
  • If you have seen persons in saffron clothes, long hairs, long beard and interested to study their life-style.
  • It is place where death is auspicious. It is said to combine the virtues of all other places of pilgrimage and anyone who ends his earthly cycle here is said to be transported straight to heaven.
  • Every Hindu person wishes to visit this city either in lifetime of after death in the form to ashes.
  • By visiting Varanasi and its nearby city Allahabad, you can understand a unique database management system where every Hindu people is traceable.
  • It has similar importance for Hindu religion followers as Vatican City for Christians, Makka-Madina for Mulsims.
  • You will have chance to understand the complex relation of mortal physical body and its soul.

Varanasi was also celebrated as the place where the most profound wisdom dwelt, the seat of all enlightenment and learning. Its permanent advantages include the highest sanctity, fertile soil, and its location on a great river.The other great and different thing about this city is that people want to die here. They believe to having demise on this sacred and god place brings liberation, they’ll get direct in touch with the supreme and ultimate power, which controls the universe. And specially in Hindu religion it is believed that after death there is rebirth and there is only way to get rid out of this is to die here or say ‘Ram’ at the moment you taking last breath. Plenty of pilgrims visit Kashi with the only Hope to redemption, for delivering if nothing then some good deeds in the life, finding the footprints of god or say to feeling peace while remembering only god.

The art of Varanasi is equally tempted people from around the world, being a center of culture and art Varanasi is capital of Hinduism. Plenty of temple and Ghats, this cremation ground on the earth is also famous for silks and brocades. A great mix of archaeology, mythology, geography, art and history add some more color in the richness of city. The city is kind of alive museum of Indian art and culture; At Banaras anyone can feel the change the difference in social and religious believes within and every stretch of has a rich and unique style of art forms and folk art, many master craftsmen and artist born in the city and given a vast contribution toward producing beautiful Sarees, handicrafts, textiles, toys, ornaments, metal work, clay and woodwork and other crafts. The wizard of worship in Holy Kashi and its many Ghats on The great river Ganga is amazing to see, of which the traditional cult is being practiced at Varanasi. Only watching priests and devotees performing rituals and Aarti of mother Ganga at the evening make you mesmerized, let alone the idea of joining ceremonies and being a participant. Many senior priests joining there disciple, and all those who visiting Kashi from different part of the world and India, altogether starts singing Aarti on high pitch of the voice in a same rhythm, can make charming and lover of this city. Many priests in the front row holding giant Aarti lamps, uncountable Diyas (tiny lamps specially to floating on the sacred water of ganga) floting over the water stream of Holy Ganga makes brighter scenario and that is how this divine brightness given the name “The city of lights”.

Preserved art and culture from a great while is all heritage for this city, still this town is far away to become a cosmopolitan city, still there is orthodox and erstwhile people and non living things but one thing that is top above all, supreme among everything, out of reach to the human brain lives here, and that is exactly made it so admirable. The place has been a centre for knowledge (capital of Wisdom), it has given numerous famous scholars and intellectuals, who have left their mark in different sectors. Varanasi is home to numerous universities, college, schools, Madarsas and Pathshalas and the Guru Shishya tradition still continue in many institutions. The literary tradition of languages, dialects, newspapers, magazines and libraries continue to even this day. Banaras reflects a unique fabric social and cultural. Cultural and linguist pluralism and vary ethnic groups are so eternal to the Sacred city, Varanasi. One can find affluence, intellectuals, oral traditions, castes and customs, personalities, professions and communal harmony in the city. Everything is so interesting, so old yet refreshing all over and moreover to all, this is a city where one gets to enjoy Benarasi pans, Thandai, Gamcha, Bahri Alang and Mauj Masti. Music, drama and entertainment are all synonymous with Varanasi. Benaras has long been famous for its music, both vocal and instrumental and has its own dance traditions. Add to this, Varanasi has a very rich stock of folk music and drama (esp. Ramlila), fairs and festival and the rich tradition of akharas, games and sports. These entire combine together, to give a distinct look to the city of moksha, Varanasi.

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