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Varanasi Clothing Tips

Varanasi Tourism

Varanasi is the holy city of light and an epicenter of old traditional Hindu society and culture of India. With the growing time and changed global scenario, almost many cities of India have became modern and of global level but Varanasi or Banaras still has the old traditionalist touch which doesn't seems to going for any upcoming time. Thereby, for tourists be it Indian nationals or Foreigners who happen to be visiting Varanasi for Varanasi tourism, Ganga tourism, Hindu tourism, religious and scared tourism etc are required to understand the need of wearing and understanding the proper dress codes and requirement of wearing decent and systematic clothing for wearing while touristing in Varanasi. Modest clothing is highly recommended to avoid glaring stares from the locals especially around temple premises. Although fairly safe during daylight, it is also not recommended to venture out alone at night in the city, except at tourist sites. Varanasi can be tremendously hot from April until July when rainy season arrives and wearing sun protection at ALL times is highly recommended. Be sensitive around religious sites. For example, wear modest clothing and take your shoes off near temples. It is also important to not take pictures of last rites happening at the Ghats without the permission of the concerned family. There are also some temples in the city like the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple where temple administration has imposed a dress code for foreign woman of all categories thereby making it compulsory for them to wear a Sari before entering the temple. Many temples also offer temporary Sarees available for incoming female tourists visiting the temple. Since Varanasi is a major tourist destination, the locals have grown accustomed to how foreigners dress up. Needless to say, it pays to show respect to the holy place and dress accordingly. There is one aspect of cultural sensitivity that travelers must be aware of about Hindu tradition. Footwear that has been worn outside is not to be brought and used inside a Hindu home. It then becomes customary to leave all footwear outside homes. This is also strictly observed in all Hindu places of worship so not just foreign travelers but Indian travelers coming from different states of India, from different cultures or religions, if visiting and wandering Varanasi then they should be very careful about these small things. Another factor to be taken into consideration before planning the Varanasi trip is the travel time. Varanasi is located in the northern plains, east of UP. Varanasi experiences a totally different weather from different regions of India like South India, South West India, North India etc. Summer starts in April until the middle of June which translates to a hot and humid weather. During these months, you might want to bring light and airy clothes to combat the heat. A hat or a cap can also help protect you from heavy rays of Sun. It should be kept in mind that the best way to get around the city would be on foot, on a bike, on Rickshaws and may be on the famous boat ride along the Ganges River. Footwear should be light so that you can easily get around. By late June, Varanasi is subject to heavy rainfall during the start and continuity of rainy season. This would then be a wild time to visit the place as the city has a tendency to get flooded even after just a few constant days of rain. Yet, if you love travelling and touristing Varanasi amidst of heavy rains, then boots, raincoats, and umbrella would be an appropriate set of attire you must possess and carry. Climate from October to the middle of February is the best suited and recommended one to visit here. Winter days are pleasantly comfortable with foggy mornings, so regular clothes with a set of body warmer clothing or simple sweater or woolly jacket/warm cloth wear etc will keep you warm and safe. It is also very pleasant to visit the Ganges and its river ghats during a foggy morning. When dusk breaks, the freezing wind coming from the Himalayas may cause the temperature to drop significantly so thick jackets and layers of warm clothing will help you keep warm in case of such inadvertent scenarios. Overall, the clothing tips here are sufficient enough for our probable clients to help a decent, secured, safe and healthy stay and tourist trip in holy city of Light. Kindly fill up the form below and send it so that we may assist you giving the best possible tourism package/tour package for Varanasi tourism.

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