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Varanasi Distance Chart

Varanasi Distance Chart

Here we have organized a distance chart table showing the surface distance between Varanasi & other cities or tourist destinations that is frequently visited by people using taxi or bus service. Varanasi distance chart information is based on surface running calculated by our taxi vehicles operated under Varanasi car rental office. Here we have considered those routes which is commonly used by majority of taxi operators during surface transfers. These information are subject to change with introduction of new road-links or change in route due to different reasons. Here in India, average vehicle speed in 50kms Per Hour so you can easily calculate the time taken by taxi in these routes.

Distance Chart
Varanasi to:
Approx. Distance in Kms.
Mughal Sarai
Varanasi Airport
Bodh Gaya

Positional Significance
The city of Varanasi or Banaras hasn't much to its political history. It has rarely been any political center of the Awadh or UP region in the past era. It is said to be the city founded by God Shiva, founded almost near the dawn of the creation of everything related to humanism. Varanasi's historical roots date back at 6th century BC. In Varanasi, many ancient historians have said that the energy of the city is converted into culture and human civilization. There are few great cities in the whole world which have converted the energy of an entire civilization intro culture and have come to symbolize and embody that whole. Again, we think of Peking, Mecca, Athens, Jerusalem, Rome etc when we talk about Varanasi. Today, Peking, Athens and Jerusalem are moved by a very different ethos from that which moved them in ancient times but Varanasi has not. It is stuck to what it was from culture, civilization and people's life style point of view. The India we see here reflects the elaborate and ancient ritual traditions of Hinduism. For over 2500 years, the city of Varanasi has attracted tourists from all over the India and also from nearby countries of India. Sages, such as Buddha, Mahavira have come here to preach. Young men have come to study the Vedas with city's great pandits. Common Hindu population of India come to Varanasi for pilgrimage, for bathing in River Ganga, for flowing the ashes of their dead ancestors in an attempt to seek salvation and moksha for the departed soul. Sanyasis "renouncers" who have left their households and family life come here to live in monasteries, temples, math(s) etc to serve the remaining life of theirs in the service of religion, humanity and in the research of spirituality and unification of human soul with the eternal God. Hindu Widows to come to Banaras, out of piety or out of misery to take refuge in its temples, to devote their rest of the lives in the service of God, Dharma and spirituality. And the very old or very ill come to Varanasi or Banaras to live their final days until they die. Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world with being as old as Jerusalem, Athens, Peking etc. Its antiquity has caught the attention of many international scholars, researchers, writers etc. The city of Varanasi has a crucial position in the tourist map of India and is a must visit tourism destination if you happen to be touring North India. We offer tailor made best possible tour packages and taxi cab rental services for an exquisite, smooth, comforting and most affordable possible experience of this Holy city of Light and spirituality of India. We specialize in hotel deals, tour planning and providing efficient affordable tourist taxi cabs. The visitors of our this website need to just fill up the below booking request form and send it and then we promise to let you have the best possible tour package which will be unbeatable throughout the country with the best possible transparency and service quality.

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