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Varanasi Ghats

Varanasi Tourism

Historical Varanasi city is located on the bank of holy river Ganges. As Ganges river is sacred to Hindu devotees, Varanasi or Benaras or Kashi remain a holy place for every Hindu since many centuries. Devotees comes to Varanasi to visit temples and take a holy dip in river Ganges which purify all their sins & soul. Due to importance of holy dip, with the passage of time, many ghats were developed in Ganges river. Ghat means river bank from where we can easily land in to river. Along the river there are over seventy bathing Ghats, literally “landings” or banks, reaching from Asi Ghat in the south to Adi Keshava in the north, beyond the bridge. Some of the Varanasi ghats are quiet neighborhood ghats, while other are crowded with pilgrims from all over India.

There are plenty of temples close to the Ghats, it is believed that Bathing in the Ganges, a river said to have fallen from heaven is an experience that cleansed all your sins that one have committed in his entire life and makes physically, mentally and spiritually cleansed. In this very ancient city of pilgrimage, the bathing ghats are main attraction. People flock here in large numbers every day to take bath and worship in the temples built beside the river bank. Centuries-old tradition to offer puja to the rising sun is still maintained. The Ghats built along the banks of the river for religious activities form a major source of attraction here. The Ghats are the best place to see the charming spell of the old-world traditions and the culture identity of the city. These are a very special type of embankments that are actually long flights of wide stone steps leading down to the river where people can take a holy dip.

One can see the beauty of Varanasi Ghats when traditional cult is being practiced here. Only watching priests and devotees performing rituals and Aarti of mother Ganges at the evening make you mesmerized, let alone the idea of joining ceremonies and being a participant. Many senior priests joining there disciple, and all those who visiting Kashi from different part of the world and India, altogether starts singing Aarti on high pitch of the voice in a same rhythm, can make charming and lover of this city. Many priests in the front row holding giant Aarti lamps at the edge of Ghats, uncountable Diyas (tiny lamps specially to floating on the sacred water of ganga along with the Ghats) floting over the water stream of Holy Ganga makes brighter scenario and that is how this divine brightness given the name “The city of lights”. The best time to visit the Ghats is at the break of dawn, when pilgrims perform the Surya Pranam immersed waist deep in the waters of the holy Ganges. The best ghat to hang around is Dasaswamedh. Here you will find myriad people doing myriad things.

The other great and different thing about this city is that people want to die here, they feel it will be auspicious to lay their life on this holy land and cremation to be held on Varanasi Ghat. In Hindu religion, part of ash left after cremation is need to be poured in Ganges river. This ritual is followed by all Hindus worldwide. They believe to having demise on this sacred and god place brings liberation, they’ll get direct in touch with the supreme and ultimate power, which controls the universe. And specially in Hindu religion it is believed that after death there is rebirth and there is only way to get rid out of this is to die here or say ‘Ram’ at the moment you taking last breath. Plenty of pilgrims visit Kashi with the only Hope to redemption, for delivering if nothing then some good deeds in the life, finding the footprints of god or say to feeling peace while remembering only god.

Prominent Varanasi Ghats
Here we are providing a small list of some popular ghats of Varanasi. These ghats are either built by some king, some historical incidence took place their or some particular temple/s are their due to which they have their own identity.
Popular Ganges Ghats
Ghat Name
Asi Ghat
Manikarnika Ghat (Cremation Ghat)
Harishchandra Ghat (Cremation Ghat)
Dasaswamedh Ghat (Close to Kashi Vishwanath Temple)
Tulsi Ghat (Tulsidas wrote Ramayana)
Maan Mandir Ghat (built by King Jai Singh)
Lalitha Ghat (built by Nepal King)
Hanuman Ghat
Mahanirvani Ghat
Shivala Ghat
Kedar Ghat (Kedareshwar Temple)
Darbhanga Ghat (built by Dharbhanga Maharaja)
Ahilya Bai Ghat
Scindia Ghat (built by Scindia ruler)
Pancha Ganga Ghat (believed confluence of 5 holy rivers)
Maan-Sarovar Ghat (by Jaipur King Man Singh)
Bachraj Ghat (Jain Temples)
Adi-keshav Ghat (Confluence of Varuna-Ganga River)
Similarly with the passage of time, many new ghats were developed as per convenience of people or group. It is not possible and not worth to visit all the ghats. Above given ghats are enough to visit during Varanasi sightseeing. Ghats area are not so large and sometime it would be difficult to differentiate between two ghats. Most of the ghats are adjacent to each other.

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