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Sankat Mochan Temple

Sankat Mochan Temple

Sankat Mochan temple is a popular Hanuman temple in Varanasi city. It was built by educationist, social worker and freedom fighter Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya in year 1900. Pandit Ji was also the founder of Banaras Hindu University and temple lies in its campus area. It is sacred place since past as Tulsidas (who wrote Hindu epic Ramayana in Hindu language) had a vision of lord Hanumana at this spot and he made a first Hanuman temple at this location. Its name "Sankat Mochan" is another name of hindu god Lord Hanuman. Simple meaning of "Sankat Mochan" is one who averts all kind of dangers.

Temple Visit
Tulsidas, the famous poet and author of the great Hindu epic Ramacharitamanasa, founded this Temple, it is said that this temple is laid at the same place where Tulsidas wrote his great creation Ramacharitamanasa. Sankat Mochan Temple is one of Kashi’s three important temples in the eyes of most Banarasis, ranking behind only Vishwanatha and Annapurna. According to Hindu mythology, one who visits the Sankat Mochan temple regularly, his wishes get fulfilled. During festival of Hanuman Jayanti (Birthday of Hanuman, occurs in April end), a special carnival is organized and special prayer offered in temple. This is the best time to visit Sankat Mochan temple.

About Lord Hanuman
In Hindu religion Tuesday and Saturday consider to be dedicated to the Lord Hanuman, and so here in Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, thousands of devotees queue up in front of the temple for the darshan of Lord Hanuman to offer prayers for getting their wishes fulfilled. Hanuman is the one who devoted his life in serving Lord Rama. It is believed and said that at the end of Treta Yug (Ram era), when Lord Ram was leaving the earth and was heading for the Param Dham, he said Hanuman to stay on Mrityu-loka (earth), because during the Kalyuga (current time on earth), people will miss you much and here you will be the only one who can protect theists from wicked powers and peoples, and so on Lord Hanuman wanted to go along with Lord Ram but after a little console Lord Hanuman agreed to live upon earth till the end. In Hindu Mythology Planet Saturn is considered to be most offensive and judgment lord, he rewards or punishes people for their sins and good deeds. Only Lord Hanuman can protect anyone from the heat of Saturn, one can get rid to Shani’s ‘Sadae saati’ only if he or she makes Lord Hanumana happy by put "Sindoor" on the statue and offer "laddoos" to Lord Hanuman. The "Sindoor", from the statue of Lord Hanuman is put on the foreheads of devotees.

The temple is located in the southern part of Kashi and one of the prominent temple and tourist spot in Around Varanasi, thousand and millions of devotees across the India and plenty of foreign visitors visit this place every year. Considering Lord Hanuman one of the only existing savior on the planet, Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple being most worshiped place by the devotees. Banaras Hindu University is very close to the temple and there is many ways for the temple, some of them passing by close to the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), this temple is also known as “Monkey” Temple, as one can find out lots of monkeys around temple building and Lord Hanuman itself was in a monkey’s incarnation. The location is just besides the Assi river stream, on the way of Durga Temple makes this holy place more beautiful and exceptional. While visiting Sankat Mochan temple, you have chance to visit its nearby popular temples like Durga temple, Tulsi Manas temple etc.

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